Review: Harbinger vol. 5: Death of a Renegade

harbinger #20Harbinger vol. 5: Death of a Renegade

Collection: Harbinger #20-25

Collection Cover: Michael Walsh

Publisher: Valiant

Writers: Joshua Dysart (#20-25); Vivek J. Tiwary (#25); Justin Jordan (#25); Dan Goldman (#25)

Artists: Lewis LaRosa (#25); Clayton Henry (#20–23, #25); Khari Evans (#23-25); Rafer Roberts (#25); Lucy Knisley (#25); Barry Kitson (#25)

Colors: Romula Fajardo (#25); Brian Reber (#20-25); Allen Passalaqua (#25)

Letters: Dave Sharpe (#20-25); Dave Lanphear (#25)

harbinger #21harbinger #23Most of the art in Harbinger vol. 5: Death of a Renegade was good, quality stuff. Clayton Henry and Khari Evans put in a nice amount of detail and great layouts into each panel which made them fun to look at. The coloring by Brian Reber on these pages was done brilliantly, adding further depth and life to the panels. But then there are these really off-putting pages, particularly in issue #25. Just imagine your reading a good story and the art is on point, then, for no apparent reason, it switches to like a Mad Magazine style of art, or the Simpsons. Anyway I found that the art in those cases was so different, so inferior in quality, that it made the stories they told less interesting. It is just my opinion but the art shouldn’t change so often in a book. I prefer consistency. It helps to keep the immersive illusion. Dave Sharpe, as always rocked it with his lettering – nice font choice, easily readable font size, great flow and placement easily guides you through the panels and pages.

harbinger #22Joshua Dysart’s writing was, as usual, very good. Dysart really manages to convey different personalities well, and he does it both subtly and boldly. I particularly enjoy the interactions between the renegades themselves, and even more specifically how they interact with Faith. Joshua Dysart writes Faith amazingly. Faith is such a huge nerd and I love it! She often says what I’m thinking. And all that is because of Joshua Dysart’s ability to portray different characters, with totally different speech patterns and personalities. Plus, the story is great. Even though it says right on the cover, “Death of a Renegade” I was shocked when it happened. Again, because of Dyart’s storytelling prowess.

The Renegades have been through the wringer lately. They fought against H.A.R.D. Corps, Bloodshot, Toyo Harada and the Harbinger Foundation. So, they thought they could just put it all behind them and maybe even get their lives back…but they were wrong. Now they’re on the run with a whistle-blowing hacker, being chased down by the Harbinger Foundation and one of the Renegades will die! And that’s to say nothing about the danger the Renegades are putting their loved ones in.

By: Michael Nunneley

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