Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman #5 (Review)

Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman #5
DC Comics/Dynamite Comics © 2017
Written: Andy Mangels
Art by: Judit Tondora
Colors by: Roland Pilcz
Letters by: Kathryn S. Renta
Edited by: Matt Idelson
Assistant Edited by: Kevin Ketner
Wonder Woman created by: William Moulton Marston


First off I will say I know little to nothing of the Bionic Woman, for I never watched the show. The title alone made me think of The Six Million Dollar Man television show. Nonetheless, the 70’s was something of a time for women with this new show The Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman and other details and events I will not bore you with like a droning history professor would. Conceptually, it is a great idea I will say.

Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman join forces to take on Dr. Cyber and a former Nazi commander with his army of fembots who are invading Paradise Island. Throw in a bionic dog and Wonder Girl and you have quite a large cast to assemble here. The story does have a 70’s flair with the returning Nazi commander and fembots which is the most ridiculous yet kind of spot on idea for Wonder Woman to tackle. On top of all of this, Diana has been wounded with her bracelets taken.  This issue sets up events according to Queen Hippolyta, Wonder Girl back in South America and the Bionic Woman. There is a sense of too much going on here, where halfway through I started to wonder where the hell Wonder Girl is. It is still easy to follow but I would argue does not cut enough, where it feels 90% of the story focuses on the Bionic Woman and then a small bit on Wonder Girl. With the action and Diana’s predicament Mangels manages to get your attention right away into wanting to read this issue.

Judit Tondora turns in some eloquent work, crafting a very Linda Carter looking Wonder Woman and a Wonder Girl you could buy Linda Carter playing the role 10 – 20 years ago prior to the show. Along with Pilcz colors the setting feels rather set in the 70’s with a wide range of colors, but stuck in this washed out feeling. Forgive me, but aesthetically speaking the seventies suck and they capture that well here. There are action panels that even give off an old pulp vibe. Though not necessary I do appreciate the red, white and blue stars popping out when Wonder Woman or Wonder Girl spring into the action. The letterer did an intriguing job with using the German Reich Eagle as a header for the Nazi Commander’s dialogue but almost took me out of the book when some of the onomatopoeias appeared almost too cartoonish during the middle of an invasion.

I cannot say it makes me want to go backtrack Bionic Woman but I will say it feels more 70’s compared to other issues of the Wonder Woman ’77 imprint I have read so far and that is a huge plus!

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