Review: Ash v’s The Army of Darkness #1

Review: Ash v’s The Army of Darkness #1

Writers: Chris Sims, Chad Bowers

Art: Mauro Vargas

Colours: Triona Farrell

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Horror fans and Evil Dead loyalists alike will be more than au fait with the Army of Darkness franchise. The shelves have had a plentiful supply of titles over the years with the original concept sprouting all sorts of mayhem as the forces of darkness face Ash in various settings but all with the same inevitable results. Did we really need another off-shoot? Was there just one more crevice the evil ones needed to invade? Have we squeezed every creative drop out of this dead horse?


The formula is pretty standard but works in its own way. We are made aware of another spiritual episode, Ash sets off to investigate and we are left on tenterhooks as to whether he succeeds or not, which of course will be revealed throughout the series. And can an idea so simple, and one that has done the rounds, get the readers excited. Well, it’s good fun and has a strong nostalgia factor. Ash is charming in his ever-moving-forward way, and the readers have grown fond of his wily prosthetic hand. His lines are corny, his jawline a squared and his hair hasn’t changed a bit from the original movie outing. Of course we’re excited…well a little bit!





The artwork looks pacy and is, on the whole, cartoonish in style. Pencilling focuses on dynamic rather than fine detail. The characters’ expressions are bold and the various teen sub-sets populating the school where evil has decided to lurk, are clear from their dress and hair styles. The art allows the now-expected comedy to fit in, where a finer, more serious drawing style would simply not work. And to this end, the colouring also lends a hand. It’s bold, brash palate sets the tome for the glow-in-the-dark demons to leap out of the page, albeit in a form no-one was expecting.


ash #1 c


So, should you pick a copy up. Answer yes to any of the following and you probably should: 1. Did you laugh out loud at any other Army of Darkness comic series? 2. Do you have a childish sense of humour? 3. Have you watched the original movies more than 20 times? You know what to do.


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Review written by Arun S.



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