The Green Hornet ’66 Meets The Spirit #1 (Review)

The Green Hornet ’66 Meets The Spirit #1
Dynamite Comics © 2017
Script: Fred Van Lente
Art & Color: Bob Q
Letters: Travis Lanham
Packaged & Edited by: Nate Cosby


A certain anger floats through the end, that anger emanating from feeling dumbfounded. The Green Hornet meets The Spirit! Why did I never think of this before? Yet The Green Hornet of ’66, as in the original Bill Dozier T.V. series one with Bruce Lee that many are familiar with and grew up on meets Will Eisner’s The Spirit. The outlaw of Chicago meets the resurrected ex-cop of Central City. Britt Reid goes to the Central City World’s Expo with his newly Electric Brain, or what’s known to people of the present – a computer. Before you trail off this, is no ordinary computer, this computer can be fed data to tell you the outcome of events, especially historic events like the outcomes of certain wars and such. Hence, the news will be telling of new events, not past events. Already, you can probably see the trouble this is leading to. The Spirit has been missing since 1952 (when the original publication ended, clever). Now both someone believed to be The Spirit and some criminal are out and about in Central City. But who are they? I dare not say, because that would be telling. Lente does a terrific job of drafting great suspense for the reader as you begin to wonder who is who and who is really who and what are they up to. Nay, the only problem is the cliff hanger story which leaves thirsting for issue #2 and answers!

Keeping the series in the 60’s lends the narrative and the art to that sharp, 60’s retro modernity trying to carry on the past art deco with a futuristic Jetsons like flair to it. One woman’s outfit just screams of Jackie Kennedy. Bob Q’s work brings the 60’s to life but not in some boring trend of “old fashion” and “this is how people dressed back then” nonsense either. The first page certainly highlights the gist and art of the times, with this sunny, hopeful optimism for the future and what it can bring in Bob Q’s paintings. Q offers a stylized and robust line work, especially on the character’s clothes. Then his hands on characters, especially on our assailant have a Frank Miller vibe to them. Our characters appear healthy, fresh and with the color scheme they pop well too. No panel is left to just pass by as low budget window devoid of all and any detail. Q gives great and equal work to everything he does on this piece.

If you love mystery and are especially a fan of this period in history I sincerely say you should pick this up! Plus, it has The Green Hornet and The Spirit, two titans of comics not from the big dogs of Marvel & DC.


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