Top 10 Greatest Rivalries In Marvel Comics!

Top 10 Greatest Rivalries In Marvel Comics! — IMO


Ahh, the classic lovers triangle feud. Of all the people in the universe Thanos and Deadpool fall for Mistress Death. That’s right. They literally fall in love with death personified. And this despite her rejecting them. In fact, in order to keep them apart, Thanos made Deadpool immortal. While this is a big rivalry, it’s more funny to me than anything. Hence the #10 spot.

thanos vs deadpool


These two have such an intense connection because they are tied together by their origins. Billy Russo was a hitman for New York’s criminal underworld. After the botched gangland execution that inadvertently led to the Castle family being massacred, Russo is hired by Frank Costa to assassinate all those connected to the Castles. Russo kills all of his targets but Frank Castle, who survives the bomb that Russo had planted in Castle’s home. Hours later, the Punisher (Frank Castle) tracks Russo down to a Maggia nightclub. The Punisher guns down all of Russo’s associates, but leaves him alive to send a message to organized crime after knocking him through a glass pane, an act that reduces Russo’s face to a jigsaw puzzle-like mess of scars. They have been brutal enemies ever since. Which is saying something – Frank Castle doesn’t have enemies, they’re all dead.

punisher vs jigsaw


Johnny Blaze’s archenemy. Mephisto is a demon who posed as the Devil himself to claim Johnny Blaze’s soul. Mephisto is the one responsible for bringing Ghost Rider into Johnny’s life. Ghost Rider, however, is able to resist the evil that overcame him long ago, and is now able to use his powers for good no matter what. Angered, Mephisto sought revenge against Ghost Rider, and now constantly tries to win his creation back.

ghost rider vs mephisto


Rivals in ideology as well as scientific theory Richards and Doom have been against each other since their earliest days in college. But this was compounded by a mishap in Doom’s lab caused severe facial scarring on Victor – something he blames Richards for to this day. Since Richards went on to become Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four and Von Doom went on to rule Latveria as Dr. Doom, their rivalry has only grown more intense.

dr doom vs reed richards


Enemies from their very first appearances, Eric and Charles do not see eye to eye on the mutant conflict. Magneto, leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, believes that mutants were superior to humans, even naming them, homo-superior, and believed that mutants should be rule and be separate by any means necessary.  Professor X, leader of the X-Men, believe in equality and integration through intellectual debate and political channels. Charles believed that violence was a last resort, unlike Eric who would fight, even kill, and ask questions later.

magneto vs pofessor x


Wow. These two really hate each other. However, Sabretooth and Wolverine’s feud is fraught with conflicting accounts as to the origin. It is known that Wolverine and Sabretooth were victims of the Cold War supersoldier program Weapon X, and that Sabretooth saw Wolverine as competition and therefore antagonized him. While Wolverine is depicted as suppressing his more savage qualities, Sabretooth does the opposite and embraces them.




Since Spider-Man’s earliest days Dr. Octopus has been there to make his life a living hell. They have fought countless times but their feud culminated in the Superior Spider-Man event when Dr. Octopus actually stole Peter’s mind and body through guile and trickery. Peter eventually got his body and mind back but it was a long and hard fight.

spider-man vs doc oc


Peter Parker got the symbiot suit in Secret Wars but rejected it when it started to take him over. Also, during Peter’s job-life, he had recently proven Eddie Brock’s photo’s to be fakes and got him fired from the Daily Bugle. When Peter rejects the suit, the symbiot hates him for it, and Eddie Brock – who just happened to be there when Peter rejected the suit – hated Peter for making him lose his job and apartment. These two angry and bitter entities joined to create Spider-Man’s nightmare, Venom.



This is quite possibly the oldest feud in Marvel history. Never before have two enemies been so different from each other and yet have so much in common. Both of them are ardent political activists, both feel passionately about their beliefs and both men have taken a super soldier formula. But those commonalities aside, Red Skull is a fascist dictator, Captain America stands for freedom and democracy. Red Skull places no value on human life. He will kill and betray even his own men to win. Captain America is a loyal American soldier who will die to protect every last man. It’s not hard to see why these to clash so greatly.

captain america vs red skull


Where do I start? Norman Osborn is an amoral industrialist head of Oscorp. He took a formula which enhanced his physical abilities and intellect but also drove him to insanity – mainly a split personality between Norman and his Green Goblin persona. Since that time he has developed an obsession with Spider-Man and become the bane of Spider-Man’s existence. Green Goblin is responsible for numerous tragedies in Peter Parker’s life, such as Gwen Stacy’s death and the Clone Saga. Norman Osborn has been at the center of many of Peter’s worst moments.

spider-man green goblin

Written By: Michael Nunneley

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