Review: Bloodshot’s Day Off! – In stores July 5th


Bloodshot’s Day Off! One-Shot

Publisher: Valiant Comics

Writer: Eliot Rhal

Art: Khari Evans

Colors: Andrew Dalhouse

Letters: Dave Lanphear


The artwork of Bloodshot’s Day Off! by Khari Evans was awesome, very retro chic – but with a bit of contemporary flare. Lots of emotion in the faces and tight, razor-sharp backgrounds throughout. The style itself lending to the nostalgic feel to the book – which is good as it’s supposed to be a tribute to the 1993 style. The colors by Andrew Dalhouse were spectacular. He utilized variations in shading and blending to create more dimension, offer more light angles and give life to the panels. The letters by Dave Lanphear were great. The big, clear, well-spaced letters were easy to read and his guidance through the panels was first rate.


The writing of Bloodshot’s Day Off! by Eliot Rhal was great. Nice dialogue and pacing, an informative script that says many things between the lines that reveal facets of the characters. I like that. I like layered characters and writing that says more than just what’s written. That made this a fun and entertaining read. Valiant teaming up writer, Eliot Rahal, and artist, Khari Evans, was a great call. These guys blended classic styles with modern flare perfectly. A great silver anniversary tribute to the classic Bloodshot #12 from 1993 (the original Bloodshot’s Day Off!) coming to us out of the pages of Jeff Lemire’s BLOODSHOT REBORN and BLOODSHOT U.S.A..



Thirty-year veterans of the Bloodshot program, Tank-Man and Viet-Man, have earned a day off. That’s right. Project Rising Spirit believes thirty years of nonstop service equals one lousy day off. Anyway, these nanite-filled killing machines used to have private lives that they both miss and they want to revisit them on their day off. And after thirty years together, Tank-Man and Viet-Man sure as hell don’t want to spend their days off in nostalgia-land together! So off they go their own separate way. They are gonna make the most of this day off.



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Review by: Michael Nunneley



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