Samaritan: Veritas #2 (Review)

Samaritan: Veritas #2
Created by: Matt Hawkins & Rahsan Ekedal
Writer: Matt Hawkins
Artist & Color: Atilio Rojo
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Editors: Elena Salcedo & Bryan Hill
Production: Carey Hall
Cover Art: Atilio Rojo


It is time for escalation here in Samaritan: Veritas #2. Here, we have an interesting story of cat and mouse, but the cat is actually the mouse to another cat. Our main character Sam kidnaps the head of an ever-expanding military industrial complex that is tied to the president she is also trying to take down. However, people are onto her and this mission could prove rather dangerous.

Hawkins does a great job of hooking you into the danger and action of this story right away from the get-go. He also develops a good feel of suspense as well. You find yourself wondering if these characters even know or think about the possibility of what is out there to get them. We continue to get more on Sam, which is starting to sound something of a mouth piece for the writer. Personally, not fond of writers emplacing their own politics but at least Hawkins is honest, it never appears as forced or cliché. Our letterer Peteri makes a nice addition by having all of Sam’s thoughts appear in separate colored boxes with font resembling these as journal/diary entries. This makes the character feel more human and in touch with their thoughts, rather than just words on a page.

Rojo certainly adds with their painterly like quality making this comic feel less of an indie title and more like a mainstream comic on the front shelf. The characters appear very real as does the environment of suits and office buildings. With this as the background he finds a way to make everything, pop especially through color of what would be a dry, stale environment. Rojo has a very sleek style with panels that pop and go in various directions thanks to Hawkins as well, making the narrative of the story just fluid instead of some static box by box, like a storyboard wall. Hawkins and Rojo make a fun and enjoyable read. Even in scenes where things begin to slow down for a moment it does not feel as if the comic has come to a grinding halt. When the action picks back up again it hardly feels infrequent, they managed to find this perfect balance. Hopefully, you will too.


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