Review: Harbinger: Renegade #5 – On Sale July 12th!


Publisher: Valiant Comics

Writer: Rafer Robert

Pencils: Derick Robertson

Inks: Richard Clark

Colors: Diego Rodriguez

Letters: Simon Bowland


The pencils on Harbinger Renegade #5 by Derick Robertson (The Boys, Transmetropolitan) were, as you can see from the preview pages, awesome. I particularly like his definition style. What I mean is Robertson utilizes individual thin lines to make definition in the panels and multiple lines for extra shadow. This is a classic style and I found it to be very nostalgic. The inks by Richard Clark are great as well. The lines are nice and tight and the thick black of the shading really makes the rest of the panel pop. The colors by Diego Rodriguez are perfect. That is exactly how I want to see it done. Great variations in color provide enhancement to the light angles and bring even more definition the the images. This coloring style really allows the reader to see the shape of things and makes the panels more vivid to look at.


The writing of Harbinger Renegade #5 by Harvey-Award nominated writer, Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm), was so thrilling. A journey into chaos and beyond. The book starts off all casual for a page or two and then explodes with nonstop intensity and jaw dropping action. Roberts delivers great dialogue and an exciting and dramatic pace. Just page-turning awesomeness from start to finish. But, I warn you, this issue is not for the faint of heart. It is graphic and even gory – but that just makes it even more awesome in my opinion. This journey was guided along beautifully by superstar letterer Simon Bowland. Nice spacing and pace combined with an easily readable font and great placement.


I would love to go into details about this story – just a little taste. But that is difficult. So much happens in this issue of Harbinger Renegade that I just cannot go into it. The absolute most I can reveal to you is that the H.A.R.D. Corps are on a very serious mission to a major city and that this starts the Road to Harbinger Wars 2. From there it’s all just one holy-crap situation to the next. This was hands down the most exhilarating and intense comic I’ve read in a very long while. If you buy no other comics for the rest of you life, buy this one!! It is an amazing comic that is guaranteed to be worth your time and money. Five stars all around!!!


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Written By: Michael Nunneley

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