Review: James Bond: Kill Chain #1 – Available July 19th, 2017

James Bond: Kill Chain #1 – Available July 19th, 2017

Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Writer: Andy Diggle

Artist: Luca Casalanguida

Colors: Chris Bilythe

Letters: Simon Bowland


The artwork on James Bond: Kill Chain #1 by Luca Casalanguida was good. He has a sort of minimalist style with his pencils, relying on his heavy handed inks to bring shape to the images. Overall the art creates a mood that seems to fit the story nicely. But it is the colors by Chris Bilythe that really bring the panels to life. The varying shades of the colors really add dimension and light context to the panels. They also manage to bring out the smaller details provided by Luca Casalanguida. It was a good presentation. I enjoyed it.

The writing on James Bond: Kill Chain #1 was spectacular. A very well paced and character driven story with enough 007 action to keep things fun and interesting. The dialogue was very entertaining. It really drove the story along. There were scenes where people were fighting, a real action sequence, and I found myself being much more interested in what was being said than the sweet action unfolding before me. That is just how good Any Diggle is at handling the great responsibility of writing such an amazing title. And of course, some of that great pacing and all of the guidance through Casalaguida and Bilythe’s artwork is owed to the fantastic lettering of the great Simon Bowland. Nice, consistent, easy to read letters in well spaced and paced bubbles.


It’s a classic James Bond story filled with 007 action. There are chases, fights, betrayal, espionage and of course, a beautiful but also very deadly woman. There are even some poignant metaphors made in the dialogue you could miss if you’re not paying close attention. This one’s a thinker folks! James Bond: Kill Chain is setting up to be an amazing title. The story really grabs you and pulls you in right from the beginning. I have, so far, loved all of Dynamite’s James Bond titles. They are really amazing. In fact, they are just as good if not better than the movies. One of the best titles on the shelves!

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Written By: Michael Nunneley


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