Charmed: #5


Charmed: #5

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Writer: Erica Schultz

Artist: Maria Sanapo

Colors: Heartworks Studio

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Cover A: Joe Corroney

Cover B: Maria Sanapo & Heartworks Studio

Cover C: Paige Photo

Review by PeteR


Charmed Issue #5 is the final chapter of the first storyline. Piper and Phoebe Halliwell along with Shaina, must invade and ultimately try to escape Hell in an attempt to save Paige Matthews. To make matters worse they need to confront the demon Djall and figure out how to release the victims under his thrall.

Writer Erica Schultz (Swords of Sorrow: Black Sparrow and Lady Zorro, Revenge) is able to maintain the clever dialogue of the sisters without it becoming cloying. The plot itself is entertaining and serves as a vehicle to allow for future Charmed Series.

One of the big challenges of comic books based on movies or television series is creating caricatures of actors that look familiar enough for the reader to know who they are without making the differences between art and film too distracting. Maria Sanapo (Grimm, DC Comics Bombshells) is able to satisfactorily convey the likeness of the characters of Charmed from the TV screen to the comic page.


Magic in comics is often communicated by color. Heartworks Studio channels a plethora of hues to convey various forms of magic and spell casting while charting the adventures in this series. Tom Napolitano who has proven his lettering craft many times before, is unfortunately underutilized in Charmed #5. His skills are relegated mostly to sound effects and dialogue rather than being unleashed on interesting ways to enhance the visuals of hexes or bewitchment.

Why you should buy this book? Comic books allow for a special effects budget that is unattainable on the limited budget of television shows. Dynamites Charmed is able to meet the expectations of the fan base while opening the door to new potential new comic readers. The first mini-series is like going to a family reunion, but with more magic and punching, and less familial angst.



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