Mighty Mouse #2


Mighty Mouse #2

Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Writer: Sholly Fisch

Artist: Igor Lima

Colors: Pete Pantazis

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Review by PeteR

At the end of the first issue of Mighty Mouse, our resplendent rodent has somehow breached the fourth wall and is now in young Joey’s reality. In issue #2, Mighty Mouse’s has first experiences in our world with Joey as his guide.  Writer Sholly Fisch (Action Comics, the Powerpuff Girls and Sensational She-Hulk) puts a serious face on the dynamics of real life physics and human fragility versus cartoon logic and lack of permanent consequences. Joey’s conversation with MM on the realities of super strength or getting run over by a steamroller is one of the highlights of the story. Fisch’s concept of what MM’s solution for going incognito is priceless.

Igor Lima has to convincingly maintain two separate art styles while creating the artwork for Mighty Mouse #2. There is the gritty state of Joey’s universe verses the cartoonish portrayal of MM and his responses to his predicament. The disconnect between the two concepts is done with flourish and humor.


One of the interesting ways the bleakness of Joey’s world is conveyed is by colorist Pete Pantazis’s use of grey in the shadowing of peoples’ faces. The argument can be made that the events of Mighty Mouse #2 happen mostly at night but that’s missing the point. The grey is reflected on people from the sidewalks and the buildings. It color scale doesn’t portray an absence of light as much as it does an absence of hope.

Tom Napolitano’s lettering is spot on in Mighty Mouse #2. The font and musical notes he employs each time MM leaps into action and sings his battle cry is a beacon of hope in Joey’s dingy existence.

Why you should buy this book? Mighty Mouse #2 is incredibly entertaining. So far each issue has provided excellent storytelling with pristine artwork. Of course, the comic ends with a tantalizing hook for the next issue.

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