Magnus #2 (Review)

Magnus Issue #2
Publisher: Dynamite Comics © 2017
Words: Kyle Higgins
Art: Jorge Fornes
Colors: Chris O’Halloran
Letters: Taylor Esposito

Magnus is an interesting new series that right away one cannot help but think of Blade Runner. Image certainly drives this home when they “Do humans dream of owning electric sheep?” Aha, I see what you did there. Anyways, this new comic follows a futuristic setting where fully developed A.I.’s work as servants. They work in exchange for time they can spend in the digital cloud world for A.I.s. Pick up with Kerri Magnus a former bounty hunter with the ability as the only human to traverse this digital Cloud World.

Issue#2 follows with the outbreak of the murder of a prominent citizen by his own A.I. system. Kerri and detectives are on the case but no leads. Kerri has something but needs to talk to an associate for further clarification on her data for this case. This gets her involved into what is really going on with the A.I.s and how they are truly feeling. On a basic premise alone the story is fascinating and feels relevant today. It strays from the typical robots are just evil and want to nuke us ala Terminator style. Here the robots are not just machines but people. Not only that, but it feels the robots can be used as a stand-in for any group of people dwelling in the gutters of society rather it be the LGBT, the poor, ethnic minorities and so on.  The one drawback is the lack of action and rather slow narrative. This issue feels something akin to a procedural cop show. I sense this is only for now though. The end of this issue certainly proves that.

The art follows this old pop art vibe with sleek but simple line work, good and moderate inking and finally a great color pallet. There are lots of greens, blues and purples throughout the mix. It does not follow the typical and traditional system of the desk is brown because desks are brown. No, it communicates this cold, calculating and rather soulless world. I especially love the use of Cubism in one section of the issue. The work has this kind of 80’s low paper quality to them, with some white shoddiness all over the page like you bought it years ago or was rotting at the bottom of your collection. It gives off this 80’s feel to it… just like when Blade Runner was released. Though a completely different comic, looking at this will give you an idea. Overall, the issue looks and feels like a timepiece, but done rather subtlety. Simultaneously, I cannot get Blade Runner out of my head. This is not to say Higgins ripped off Blade Runner, of course not! There is no shame in being inspired by that masterpiece. It just proves to be distracting to be thinking about that rather than the comic.


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