The Chico Comics Page Is Having A Contest!!


The Chico Comics Page is having a contest! We’ll be giving away comics, graphic novels and other prizes. Here’s what you’ve got to do to enter: Go to our Facebook page and find the section marked “reviews” and, after checking out our page (and giving us a like/follow if you enjoy it) write a review in this section of our page. On Friday, each week, we will read the reviews and choose our favorite one – that person will be our week’s winner and can choose from our selection of prizes. Then, we mail out your prize. It’s that easy!

Chico Comics Page logo


  • Captain America: Liberty’s Torch

A Marvel Novel by Tony Isabella & Bob Ingersoll


  • Stan Lee Presents Captain America in Holocaust for Hire

Marvel Novel Series #4 by Joseph Silva


  • Nexius Volume 1: As It Happened

From Rude Dude Productions

By Mike Baren & Steve Rude


  • The Shadow by Maxwell Grant #7: The Cobra & The Third Shadow
  • The Shadow by Maxwell Grant #21: The Plot Master & Death Jewels


  • Hercules Prince of Power: Full Circle

A Marvel Graphic Novel by Bob Layton


  • Doc Savage by Kenneth Robeson #1: Fortress of Solitude & The Devil Genghis
  • Doc Savage by Kenneth Robeson #2: Resurrection Day & Repel
  • Doc Savage by Kenneth Robeson #14: The Man of Bronze & The Land Terror


  • Heroes Inc. Presents Cannon by Wally Wood © 1969

Amazing Adult Adventures including Dragonella & The Misfits


  • The Futurians by Dave Cockrum
  • A Marvel Graphic Novel No. 9
  • The Futurians Volume 2 by Dave Cockrum
  • From Eternity

Good luck! We can’t wait to hear from you! Contest runs until prizes are depleted – at least 2 months.



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