Review: Generation Gone #1


Generation Gone #1

Publisher: Image Comics

Storytellers: Ales Kot & Andre Lima Araujo

Writer: Ales Kot

Art: Andre Lima Araujo

Colors: Chris O’Halloran

Letters: Clayton Cowles


The artwork for Generation Gone #1 by Andre Lima Araujo was descent. Araujo’s style took a few pages to get used to. But once I got into it, the artwork magically got better. It just takes some adjustment to get used to the minimalist style of the book’s art. But like I said, your into it by the third or fourth page and it’s fine. The last sequence in the book particularly came out really nice. The colors by Chris O’Halloran were also descent but leaning more towards adequate. Many colorists will ad shade variations to the colors, which add new levels of depth and dimension to the images, that was not the case here. Don’t get me wrong though, O’Halloran’s work wasn’t sloppy, his color choices were good, but I prefer the colors to be done with more of an artistic flare. The Letters by Clayton Cowles were probably the best part of the presentation. He showed good pacing, spacing and positioning, as well as a good font choice and font size. A good job leading us through the book.


The story of Generation Gone #1 by Ales Kot was great. I enjoyed the dialogue and the story structure – which consisted of two separate lines of story that slowly intertwine until they smash together at the end – very dramatic. It was awesome. Kot was able to make good characters in the story. There is one particular character, Nick, that was written to be a total jerk and Kot does it perfectly. Even now as I write this, I am irritated by Nick’s overall jerkiness. The story follows a clandestine government agency up to all sorts of no good and three would-be hacker greats out to steal the world back from the corrupt society that has taken it from them. It’s a fun story. I enjoyed the read. And the ending!!! The ending is pretty awesome!!

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