10 People Who Can & Have Beaten Batman!!

10. Deacon Blackfire


While Deacon Blackfire did not beat up Batman, he severely broke him both mentally and spiritually. Blackfire drugged Batman with hallucinogenic substances that cause him to have terrifying visions that eventually caused Batman to enter a state of psychosis. These horrific tactics were coupled with severe physical torture that destroyed the very will of Batman. Had it not been for the intervention of Robin, that could’ve been the end for the Dark Knight.

9. Prometheus (Not the same character from the Arrowverse)


During “Cry for Justice” in the JLA title Prometheus defeats not just Batman, but the rest of the Justice League and most of the Teen Titans. Prometheus wears a helmet that in addition to emitting strobe lighting capable of disorientation and hypnotism, can download the knowledge and physical skills of others directly into his brain via a compact disc, his default disc including the skills of thirty of the world’s greatest martial artists – including Batman and Lady Shiva. This allowed him to gain the victory that day – at least until he met Donna Troy!!

8. Wonder Woman


In 2016’s final event of the New 52 Wonder Woman (Hecate), Batman comes to Themiscyra to take someone who turns out to be under Wonder Woman’s protection. Needless to say, Diana mopped the floor with the Dark Knight. If standing over him with her foot on his neck isn’t victory then I don’t know what is!!

7. Swamp Thing


Swamp Thing is very underrated as he is one of the most powerful being in the DC Universe. Not only that, Swamp Thing has defeated Batman every time they have fought. And not just a casual woopin either. Batman is left laying beaten and broken on the ground. The worst beating Batman ever took from Swamp Thing was when Swamp Thing divided himself into several Swamp Things and all of them beat the crap out of Batman.

6. Bane


We cannot talk about those who have defeated Batman without bringing up Batman’s most infamous butt woopin of all. During the Knightfall event Bane released all of Batman’s rogues gallery onto the streets of Gotham. It was taking everything that Batman had to keep up with the demand. It was during this time that Bane discovered that Bruce Wayne and Batman were one and the same. A confrontation ensued that left Batman beaten and literally broken.

5, Deathstroke


In 1990 Deathstroke the Terminator got his own series. And in the first few issues he faced Batman on the ledge of a building. Batman was basically overwhelmed by Deathstroke who beat Batman’s butt with little to no resistance. Batman couldn’t even fight back because Deathstroke was so quick and strong and well trained.

4. Lady Shiva

In the New 52 Batman and Nightwing fought Lady Shiva together and they both lost. So even with help from the original Boy Wonder Lady Shiva kicked Batman’s butt from Gotham to Katmandu.

3. Darkseid

At the end of Final Crisis Darkseid is at last defeated by Batman and the same bullet Darkseid used to kill Orion. However Batman got the shot off just seconds before Darkseid’s Omega Beams hit him sending him hurling through time. Though everybody else, including the JL believed Batman to be dead.

2. Talon & the Court of Owls


After spending days in the maze of the Court of Owls and being drugged with hallucinogens by the only water source, Batman was psychologically on the frayed ends of sanity by the time he finally came across the Court of Owls and had to fight the Talon. Talon destroyed the weak and frazzled Batman. Batman escaped but it was by the skin of his teeth. Beaten and broken he crawls to the Batcave and that’s when it happens, that’s when Batman breaks in a way I’ve never seen before or since. There is an unconscious Talon strapped to a table and just the sight of it makes Batman leap back, fall to the ground and scream like a little girl in terror. I don’t know anyone else who has made Batman that afraid.

1. Superman


By far the worst beating that Batman has ever taken came at the hands of Superman, his best-friend. Bill and Maxwell Lord had hypnotized Superman into believing that Batman was Darkseid. Thinking he was fighting the New God Darkseid, Superman did not hold back and by the time it was over Batman was little more than a pile of broken bones and torn flesh.


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