Review: Spawn #276 – Coming 7/26/17

Spawn #276

Publisher: Image Comics

Script/Plot: Darragh Savage

Co-Writer/Artwork: Jason Sean Alexander

Letters: Tom Orzechowski

Release Date: 7/26/2017


The artwork of Spawn #276 by Jason Sean Alexander, who did all of the interior art, was different. Not bad-different, just different. It seemed to utilize billions of little dots instead of lines. Which, like I said before, was not a bad thing. In fact the artistic style used in Spawn #276 fit the dark / horror feel of the story in an unexpected way. It took a page or two to adapt to the style difference. But honestly, now that I’ve gotten used to it, I can’t imagine it any other way – nor would I want to. The style is perfect for the horror feel that Image was going for here. It is downright creepy and unsettling at times – awesome! The lettering by Tom Orzechowski was also quite good in a fashion. The pacing was good. The guidance and direction through the panels was flawless. I was not however a big fan of the font choice. And this was only because in at least one case I had to determine that a letter was a “D” by the sentence structure and not by simply looking at the letter itself.

The writing of Spawn #276 by Darragh Savage and Jason Sean Alexander was amazing. Spawn is going full on horror comic in the hands of Alexander and Savage and I love it. The story, which combined multiple elements both subtle and bold, grabs you right away. Savage and Alexander weave a perfect tapestry of dark and lighter elements. With both the dark and the light making the other more prominent and true. Those lighter moments make the darker ones all that much more dark and those darker moments make the lighter ones shine all that much more bright. This book is 32 pages and it was not enough!! The pacing of the story was perfect – not too much or too little of any one plot thread. There is an overall flow to the story that feels very natural.


Previously in this title Spawn had gone to Twitch to find a safe place for Cyan – she was being hunted by something dark, something evil. In a further effort to help solve the problem Al (Spawn) attempts to convince Terry that taking Cyan out of the country would be the safest bet for both her and her family. Terry does not like this idea but he agrees to it anyway and buys a ticket to Japan. Later that night Al wakes up from a horrible and violent nightmare to find that “the Others” took possession of Cyan’s body and is there to tell Al that someone is coming for him. Someone Al will need the Others’ help to defeat. Al asks them how they are supposed to help him defeat this enemy and reaching out her had, Cyan touches Al’s forehead and restores his suit and powers to full capacity.

There are some familiar elements to the story. Things like moving to a new town and having to make new friends – or in this case even learn a new language. Many of us have gone through this scenario before. There is also a strong family ties aspect to the undercurrent of the story. But that is where the common ground ends. There is an extra supernatural element to the story. I say extra because we’re already talking about a guy in a suit from a high-ranking demon from Hell. But this paranormal ingredient to this “dark horror” dish has to do with either visions or hallucinations of macabre and confusing imagery. What exactly it is we are seeing is not revealed as of yet but the whole idea of this was captivating. Plus, what is this evil that is stalking Cyan? What does it all mean?

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Written By: Michael Nunneley

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