BREAKING NEWS: Alterna Comics titles to go back to print with color coded logos



Alterna Comics titles are going back to print as orders have seen a spike at both comic shops and newsstands thanks to a newsstand distribution deal with PDG.  Publishing quality creator-owned stories printed on newsprint and with a cover price of $1.50 or less,  early sales have garnered an increase on issue #2 orders which have warranted second printings.

The first four Alterna Comics titles  to immediately go back to print are: Adam Wreck #2 (of 3), Amazing Age #2 (of 5), Croak #2 (of 3), and Lilith Dark #2 (of 4).


To help customers discern between first, second, and potentially third printings, Alterna has come up with a color coded logo system.


Publisher Peter Simeti explains, “Each printing will have a color coded Alterna Comics logo on the top left side of the cover, in a nod to reprintings of yesteryear at other publishers.  First printings may feature an Alterna Comics logo in a variety of colors, but second printings will feature a gold Alterna Comics logo and third printings, should they occur, will feature a silver Alterna Comics logo.”


There are also plans for second printings of the first eight #1 issues at Alterna.


These printings are scheduled to occur over the next three months.


All 8 initial titles have already sold out multiple times at the distribution level, though copies still may be available at local comic shops.


Alterna is distributed to comic shops through Diamond Comics Distributors ; to newsstands through PDF; and to bookstores, libraries, and online booksellers via IPG.

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