Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business


Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Mark Waid & James Robinson

Pencil Artist: Werther Dell’Edera

Painting Artist: Gabriele Dell’Otto

Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Review by PeteR

In yesterday’s review of the new Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man comic, I mentioned that there were some plot points from a 2014 graphic novel, called Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business. As it’s been three years since the book was released, I thought it might be a good idea to review it with you to get you up to speed on the new Spectacular Spider-Man series


The Parker luck is in full swing as Peter is kidnapped out of his own apartment by helicopter. Not abiding by this, he breaks his bond and free falls smack into the windshield of a moving car. The car is driven by Teresa Parker, Peter’s previously unknown sister and CIA agent.

Teresa explains that she grew up in foster homes and has no idea why the Parkers gave her up. The reason why she has come into Peter’s life is she uncovered a plot to steal a horde of Nazi gold guarded by one of the giant Sleeper robots (see Tales of Suspense #172-174) Captain America used to tussle with. During her investigation she finds undisputable proof that the Parkers were her birth parents and Peter, her brother

Following a trail left by Mary and Richard Parker, the new found siblings travel to Egypt where they find out the architect of the plot was carefully orchestrated by Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. Mayhem, giant robots and mind control ensue.


Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) and James Robinson (Golden Age) spin a globe-spanning epic that is exciting and ultimately heartbreaking. The reader goes from disbelief that the “unknown sibling” troupe is being used to genuinely wanting Peter and Theresa to reunite as a kindred family. Richard and Mary Parker are portrayed as top notch super-spies that would make James Bond and Modesty Blake look like wallflowers. Wilson Fisk is devastatingly evil and successfully portrayed as one of Marvel’s scariest villains. He is the ultimate master manipulator.


The artwork for Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business is drop dead beautiful. The initial pencils were done by Werther Dell’Edera who has provided the art for Vertigo’s House of Mystery, Loveless and Greek Street. Italian artist, Gabriele Dell’Otto then, using the pencils as a guide, painted the artwork onto the page. Gabriele Dell’Otto was the artist of Brian Bendis’s Secret War mini-series and his use of color and texture is luxuriant.

Why you should buy this book? This book has it all. The writers, Mark Waid and James Robinson are some of the best in the business. Gabriele Dell’Otto is both elaborate and luxurious. Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business is what comic books should be.



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