Review: Skin and Earth #2

Review: Skin and Earth #2

Writer, artist, colours, letters: Lights


Publisher: Dynamite Comics


Issue #2 of the brainchild of artist Lights is also a very human and touching book. The story of En continues but in a truly visceral, emotive vein. Our protagonist was introduced in the last issue as a solitary figure trying to negotiate the harsh reality of a future where society had divided on economic grounds, and a world where the environment had been ravaged by the chemical onslaught of the human race. Themes and motifs were waved about as if hinting at things to come; here, there appears to be one central theme and that is the heart. But is it all a bit heavy handed?





The tale continues with En, the solitary figure able to attend the Tempest corporation university due to an amount of money left by her parents, and the confusing relationship with Priest, a relationship that appeared to be quite one dimensional in the first issue. Here, the relationship takes a rocky turn and En is left figuring out why. There is more here than meets the eye but we, like En, are left picking up the pieces whilst confused. We’ve all been there and it’s this that makes the issue so relatable, if not exactly unique. The intrigue comes with figuring out what part Priest plays in En’s future, and unpicking the ulterior forces at play here.


The colouring, as before, reflects the dystopian nature of the setting well. A darker palate leaves us in no doubt that this sprawling city is choking and and breaking point. The sequence at the waterside includes a wonderful frame where the Tempest factory fumes look almost sweet in their toxicity, rising over the urban setting, with sickly beautiful hues set against the grime – surely a metaphor for the attraction of progress at a price. The artwork is cartoonish and detail is not the order of the day. Bodily features are left incomplete or muted, at times, and the focus does seem to be heavily on the dialogue. The lettering, for such a dialogue heavy issue, isn’t overbearing and space is used well, which may be a benefit of having less detail in each frame.


All in all, a very personal continuation for Lights here. I can’t help but wonder if she’s spilling her guts in paper and ink. Don’t expect too much to happen other than an exposure of En’s frailties but if you’re attracted to simple human stories as central to your plots, read it now.


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Review written by Arun S.



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