Review: The Dresden Files: Dog Men #3

Review: The Dresden Files: Dog Men #3

Writer: Mark Powers

Art: Diego Galindo

Colours: Mohan

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment


‘Having barely survived a confrontation with one group of supernatural predators, Harry must now face a swarm of wholly different beasts in the deep wilderness. The stakes? Solving the murders that brought him to Mississippi in the first place, the lives of hundreds of innocents, and averting all-out war with a mysterious government agency!’


With the continuation of Jim Butcher’s globally renowned Dresden Files franchise, here we have the third installment of the new original run, Dog Men. Previously, Harry, his ever faithful dog Mouse and senior council wizard Listens to Wind came face to face with yet more supernatural nasties yet proved their mettle to continue their quest. This time round, in the series that’s been described as a cross between Indiana Jones and The Hardy Boys, the trio are forced to face the mythical Dog Men in the setting of a dense and treacherous forest…in the dead of night. So, is the series old hat have the producers brought anything new to the franchise?


dresden dog #3


The issue is packed with Harry’s trademark quips and the dialogue could easily be mistaken for being taken from a hard-boiled 40’s detective romp. He continues on in a typical fashion, planning to to take a direct route from A to B but, of course, nother’s ever that simple. In order to find the murderers he’s looking for, he needs to ensure the safety of a highly armed security team who don’t realise just how much hot water they’re about the take a dip in. Powers’ writing, just as in G.I. Joe, is hell bent on creating the conditions for a good battle scene. As the trio creep through the forest, we are continually given clear reminders that something else inhabits the dark, and that our Protagonist is actually more than a little unsure of his predicament. His frailties are proven correct moments later when the figure in the dark reveal themselves. Tension is woven into this sequence as a stand-off ensues. This only heightens the effects of the eventual onslaught of violence and all three of our merry team are left fighting for survival.


Galindo’s catoonish art supports the high octane fighting sequences with huge, sweeping movement lines and speed trails emanating from all manner of swipes and throws. The colouring here is bold and visceral with the reader left bearing witness to every incision and blow. This develops well from the immense shadowing on the way to this point, where each shadow hinted at a concealed figure within. Here, bright blood splatters abound as the action climaxes, but whose blood drips from the leaves? The result of the feud isn’t as straightforward as one might expect, with magic matched by muscle, and I’ve got a feeling that we may well be feeling the result of this battle far into the next issues.

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Review written by Arun S.



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