Review: The Sovereigns #4

Review: The Sovereigns #4

Writer: Ray Fawkes

Art: Johnnys Desjardins

Colours: Mohan

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment


‘The last days of the heroic age have arrived, threatening not just the existence of Earth’s protectors but humankind itself. As chaos envelops the world, Magnus discovers how human he really is, while Solar solves a truly shocking mystery! And prepare yourself for Turok’s Lost Valley like you’ve NEVER seen it before!’


Dynamite bring us the third issue in the latest Sovereigns franchise, a series that spans time, space and, indeed, the very fabric of the universe, known or otherwise. It would also be fair to say that this issue is not designed as a jumping on point by any stretch of the imagination so events are wholly tied to the complex circumstances of the first two issues. So what should we expect in this melding together of some of the best known comic characters in history, characters that have themselves spanned time through paper and ink? Is this a dream-team collective or a nightmare in design?





Fawkes (Intersect, Underwinter) picks up where he left off mid-action. Turok is lost and Solar is on the brink of witnessing an event that could wipe out humankind. Just as in his  aforementioned Image series, Underwinter, the writing is almost minimal with the reader left to focus on reading between the lines. This may appear as confusing unless you have read the previous issues so I advise reading them first. If you do, you’ll witness a near-genius level of layering to the construction of meaning. The different strands of the plot play with and against eachother as our protagonists battle their own demons to put an end to the dangers the world faces. The major focus is on Solar, with each issue so far having a main focus on one particular character, although this doesn’t mean the others are ignored. Solar’s pains and struggles are expressed boldly and it’s here where the artwork really explodes, literally.




The artwork by Desjardins is typically dynamic and high octane action sits back to back with Andar’s dark and sultry sequences as he carries on his search for Turok. The pencil work on the shading here is impressive and creates a wonderful sense of abysmal loss, at once evoking images of being alone and vulnerable when you loose sight of your parents at the funfair. Solar’s cosmic sequences brim with energy and solar flares and planetary explosions leap from the page. His drawing of kinesis lines and movement are awesome here and I can see some of these frames gracing the walls of fans’ bedrooms wherever it’s read.




All in all, the issue carries on the run in an exciting and nerve-wrecking exposition of our well-known protagonists’ struggles. Great artwork and some expertly cautious writing add some major intrigue to the book, and this, no doubt, will keep you hooked into the rest of the series.


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Review written by Arun S.



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