2000AD Covers Uncovered – Eyehole and Stitch!

Tiernen Trevellion unpicks the making of the cover of Prog 2042!

Yikes! How’s that for a freaky cover? Fan favourite Tiernen Trevallion delivers the creepy artistic goods for the return of ‘The Alienist’ on the cover of Prog 2042. This arc of the supernatural horror series sees occult detective Madelyn Vespertine investigating an impossably mangled corpse in a field in England. The strange occurence has also attracted the attention of the sinister Professor Pretorious and his undead henchmen. What develment is afoot?

Below we have Tiernen’s excellent pencils…

A sneek peek at Take That’s Fiftieth Reunion Tour Poster, 2050

Tiernen then inks and adds tone to the creepy pencils…

The Black Eyed Sleaze

Before adding highlights and those damn spooky, twinkly eyes, shudder!

Twinkle, twinkle big black eyes,

Your two mates are attacting flies!”

Walloping great thanks to Tiernen for sending these amazing images! Here’s hoping we see him back on Absalom soon!

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