Review: Divinity #0

Review: Divinity #0

Writer: Matt Kindt

Art and Colours: Renato Guedes

Letters: David Lamphear

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment


After an immensely successful run with Divinity III, Valiant have returned our god-like cosmic explorer to Earth, seemingly to ensure the careful balance of life, through time and effect, has been restored after the devastating phenomena that created the Stalinverse. After an alternative reality occurrence, perhaps caused by a butterfly-effect scenario, the world was faced with an existence that threatened all humankind. Only a cosmic solution could restore parity and now Divinity is set to observe our favourite characters from the Valiant Universe and guard over the very fabric of life itself.




A man who needs little introduction, Kindt (X-O Manowar) is once more on excellent form as he essentially walks the reader through a stand-alone line-up, a who’s who of the Valiant universe, in order to flex Valiant’s ever burgeoning muscles. As with other issue #0’s previously released, this involves a deeper, omnipresent perspective where plot and events are traded for insight and grounding. We are given an opportunity to visit the world through Divinity’s silver eyes, sensing the dangers and pitfalls ahead. The additional beauty of an issue of this nature is that it’s lucid tones leave the reader sifting through the text for implied meaning and symbolism that may not be as obvious as in a story-line based issue.





Kindt’s writing is unfathomably matched by Guedes’ (Bloodshot Reborn) magically inked artwork. Each frame is a masterpiece on it’s own merits, and each frame succeeds in telling its own story. The opening sequence with Divinity as a child, paves the way for a dream-like status to the sequences as he regales the past struggles and victories as if their very mention could fracture their fragile gains. The present is presented as ephemeral and Guedes captures this essence masterfully. If you haven’t witnessed his art before now, you really could do a lot worse than to buy this just for his skills.


As we continue through the book, the art encompasses a huge array of settings and characters but each is treated individually to highlight individual traits. Shadows suddenly lunge from Aric’s battleground, then seamlessly, an underwater sequence emerges quickly following a deep space wide frame, yet none of this is clunky and awkward. It is made to fit – a metaphorical jigsaw piecing together the Valiant universe and laying it bare for all. This is expertly thought out and executed.





So, pick up a copy. Adore the art; become mesmerised by the meta-language, and above all, feel close to the characters. You’ve been afforded a rare opportunity to sit side-by-side with a demagogue. Savour it.


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Review written by Arun S.



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