Review: The Chair #1

The Chair #1

Release Date: June 2017

Publisher: Alterna Comics

Writer/Inks/Letters/Cover Colors: Peter Simeti

Pencils/Cover: Kevin Christensen


The pencils and inks of The Chair #1 by Peter Simeti and Kevin Christensen are chaotic and disturbing. They are dark and distorted. But this demented reality of the art is SO a big part of this story’s feel and edge. You get a real sense of the evil that resides in the prison. The madness and the apathy, the confusion, pain, blood and iron. It can all be felt by just the artwork. That is very impressive to me. Never before have I seen so much emotion and storytelling in the style an artist(s) used. Top notch work there. Simeti’s lettering was also quite emotive. The use of frame-less narration and bubble-less thoughts was very effective. Also the handwritten style of the font, it all comes across as very raw and untamed. But the placement of the letters is still a trustworthy guide through the nerve-racking story. It leads us skillfully through the pages.

the chair 1 a

The story of The Chair #1 by Peter Simti was fantastic. The storytelling style is narrative for the most part, though there are panels with dialogue. I really enjoyed the narrative style. It was like getting Dante’s tour of the Inferno through the mind of a denizen of Hell. The pace was perfect and felt totally organic. What dialogue there was, was written well and came with loads of personality. In fact, none of the writing seemed to be superfluous. Every word, every line has a meaning and purpose for either building the character or creating the world inside the prison. All in all, a very well told story and perfect artistry to convey that story.

the chair 1 b

So, you know the line in Suicide Squad where Amanda Waller says she put Deadshot in a hole and then threw away the hole? Well that is clearly what has happened to this prison. At least that would be the belief of Sullivan (The Chair’s protagonist), an inmate on death row. He had a family once, but a false accusation landed him here in the depths of the Abyss with the monsters of men. Now he just does his best to survive. But things are about to get even worse for Sullivan. It seems that the Fates are not yet done with him.

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Review written: Michael Nunneley


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