Comic Review: Skin & Earth #4

Comic Review: Skin and Earth #4

Publisher: Dynamite

Writer, Artist, Letterer: Lights

Released: October 11th 2017

Rating: Mature

Review by: @Capn_Mak


Skin and Earth is more than a comic book, it’s also a musical album. Issue four of this six part comic series is set in a world crippled by a dichotomy of wealth and suffering. The main character En, sets out with a companion to explore the boundaries of this dying world to discover herself, and her own sense of freedom.


Lights is a Canadian pop artist. This comic book is the companion of a recently released musical album of the same name, Skin & Earth. The writing is a fantasy tale of exploration that reads easily. The characters interact with a mostly empty world so there is no action to speak about. This is definitely more of a tale of self discovery when the only options seem to be work, partying and death. En looks to find individualism separate from her lover, her job, and a hollow party scene that is nothing more than a masquerade for suffering. The characters long for an escape, a way to freedom by getting lost and taking chances on the open road and in the wild. I listened to the album and read the issue. I believe the lyrics and music to the songs are an important part of this comic. They should both be viewed as part of the same body of work.

Lights artwork has thick, bold lines that are appealing. The perspectives are interesting, often with deep backgrounds filled with well thought out and designed structures. The use of a butterfly as an allegory for freedom, and understanding is pervasive in this issue. If you listen to the songs that accompany this issue while looking at the art it really helps you appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. What Lights is accomplishing here is innovative, because they artwork is more than lines on the page but also musical notes. It is seen and heard.

The lettering is nice, the dialogue bubbles often escape the panels they are confined to in order to show that multiple panels are happening at the same time showing different perspectives in the same moment. I found this interesting because this is not something you see utilized often. The colors are also appropriately chosen, getting brighter and happier as the issue progresses.

Why you should buy this comic: This is a fantasy comic set in a modern dystopian world. Skin & Earth is definitely a comic you can enjoy on its own and has a standard cover price of $3.99USD. In my opinion Skin & Earth is meant to be enjoyed in conjunction with the album of the same name. I’m not a music reviewer, but I liked the Album. If the idea of a comic book with a soundtrack, or an album with a comic companion intrigues you then this is definitely a book for you. If you are a fan of Lights music then check out this comic book. And if this comic book interests you, then you’ll want to listen.

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