Comic Review: Clovis #0

Comic Review: Clovis #0

Publisher: Goldrushcomics

Writer: Miles Greb

Artist: Zak Hartong

Cover Artist: Naomi Franquiz


Review by @Capn_Mak

Clovis #0 is a comic following a young Native American mother and her friend, a large prehistoric Sloth, as they search for a lost tribe across Mesolithic North America, around 12,000 B.C.E. They encounter prehistoric dangers across an unforgiving landscape and use their natural instincts and early human ingenuity to survive.


Writer Miles Greb’s story in Clovis #0 is an entertaining and educational beginning to this adventure comic. The story is told with historical accuracy, with animals and behaviors from the earliest North American human history being the primary focus. The protagonist, Mea, speaks to herself and to her Sloth friend to help guide readers through the story. Greb also includes information about animal life that lived in North America and how we in the modern era have come to know more about those creatures and how they lived.

Zak Hartong’s illustrations are wonderful examples of both an untamed, unexplored continent and prehistoric animal anatomy that almost makes them feel alive. There are so many well done animal illustrations this book will especially capture the hearts of children, especially the friendly herbivorous giant Sloth and the snarling maws of giant Dire Wolves. The art is extremely realistic, but the soft human features and friendly interactions with the environment make each page a new joy to behold. The colors go from browns and purples, to a gradient of cyan ranging from the rivers to the sky and distant mountains. Hartong’s choice of colors for this book gives the art a prehistoric feel. While most children’s books have a more vibrant palette the muted earth tones of Clovis are perfect for the story.

The cover by Naomi Franquiz immediately caught my attention. The makeshift cot attached to the trunk of the giant sloth and the mountainous North American horizon from tall grass, to forests, and ultimately the glaciated caps of the distant mountains is captivating. This cover sums up the whole of the North American expanse in one image. The colors are beautiful and well blended, making this book impossible to miss and attractive to the eye.

Why you should buy this comic: This is a great all ages comic. The illustrations are spectacular and something the whole family can enjoy. This book is perfect for children because the dialogue is limited and easy to understand, and will foster discussion about prehistoric North America, its people, and the animals that are now long extinct. Clovis may quickly become a childhood favorite, cherished by the young and old alike for bringing this often overlooked and forgotten moment in history out of the museum and into a graphic novel adventure.


To learn more about Clovis, to order the book, or discover more independent comics from Goldrushcomics visit

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