Review: Trespasser #3

Review: Trespasser #3

Writer: Justin M. Ryan

Art and Colours: Kristian Rossi

Letters: DC Hopkins

Publisher: Alterna Comics


‘To err is human, to forgive…alien.’


Alterna have hit the ground running recently with their range of low priced, news-stand friendly grab and go runs, like Cody A. Sousa’s recent Croak series, with its retro horror cool. This tactic seems to be working and Alterna are continuing to release snappy, genre savvy titles that disappear as quickly as the stands are stacked. With Trespasser, the edgy publisher has tapped into sci-fi, with tinge of horror, and have created one of the most simple human tales, albeit one involving aliens, around. So, has issue #3 continued with the success?




Ryan’s writing throughout the book sets a somber and sobering tone. Our main characters, Hector and daughter Maria, are teetering on the edge of survival and food is high on the agenda, especially after the previous issue’s horrors. The fact that their relationship is fast becoming as toxic as the air around them, is not lost in the slow, unsuccessful search for sustenance. Ryan presents the pair as survivors but the sense of foreboding generated from Maria’s lack of trust continues with the re-emergence of the family dog, but not quite as they remember him. The tension is wrenched up from here and this leads to an unexpected ending which in turn sets up what could well be a winning finale.


Rossi’s artwork is clean in style and the pencilling on the shadowing is a particular strength. The sequence in the rain, hunting potential dinner, is dark and tense. Dander seeps from the pencil as we read on expectantly. This is repeated when welcoming back the family dog. It’s one of those rare moments when reading a comic when you actually can’t bare to look. But you do. And it’s horrific. The colouring supports the toxicity of the air and dull green and brown hues afford all features a deathly glumness. This feels like a world close to its final breath.


Skully’s Corner: Why should I buy this book? Buy it if you love sci-fi with a horror flavour.SkullyBuy it for the human angle matched with a dystopian vista or just buy it for the great art.


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Review written by Arun Sharma.



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