Comic Review: I Hate Fairyland Vol. 3 Good Girl TP

Publisher: Image

Written and Drawn by: Skottie Young

Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Additional Chapter 13 Art by: Dean Rankine

Lettering: Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT

Released: October 18th 2017

IHateFairyland_Vol03-1 (1)

Review by @Capn_Mak

I Hate Fairyland Volume 3 Good Girl TP collects issues 11-15 of Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland. Gert is a bloodthirsty marauder in Fairyland, laying waste to anything and anyone in her path. Gert finally decides to turn good and start helping people. Will her good deeds finally allow her to return home? Can she contain her destructive nature long enough?

Skottie Young writes a hilarious story in a well constructed world known as Fairyland. The story flows well and is engaging from the first page to the last. This is written to be entertaining and succeeds in many ways, with the writing and visuals. The cartoon style of the art is an unexpected delight. Young’s illustrations are a prime example of some of the finest cartooning available in comics. Fairyland is a bubblegum world where the despicably cute is balanced with unrepentant violence with medieval and magical weapons.


Colorist Jean-Francois Beaulieu is a master of his craft coloring this rainbow world on each panel. Everything is bright and vibrant in a way that truly fits the name Fairyland. The colors really bring out the beauty in each panel, with an incredibly broad palette and excellent rendering. It’s surprising Beaulieu is able to accomplish this level of coloring single handedly, the level of understanding it takes to render characters drawn this way with the depth these pages have is something everyone should admire.

Artist Dean Rankine’s contribution to chapter 13 should be well noted because his art is drastically different that Young’s, but fits into the story well and looks amazing. Young has more of a rounded, loose style and Rankine goes for a sharper, creepier level of detail. Protruding veins and eye gunk, or gobs of spit draw a sharp contrast to the cuter side of fairyland. Rankine’s art adds a lot to the story and tells the nightmarish tale of Fairyland guides.


Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT letters all five issues, the font is beautiful and the bubbles fit well in the pages. While no one curses in Fairyland, the “bad words” are all emphasized in large, hollow colored font that draws attention and is funny. There is plenty of bold lettering to add emphasis and highlight subtle punch lines.


Skully’s Corner: Why should you buy this comic?


I’m glad you asked. Imagine someone living in the world’s easiest video game but refusing to follow any of the rules or complete a single quest. Gert is hilarious, powerful, and an engaging character that will draw you into Young’s world. The art is hilarious, and the colors are beyond good. The print edition is only $16.99USD for 5 issues, or $12.99 for the digital copy. You should buy this because you like classic early 90’s cartoons except with better illustration and more violence. Or medieval themed quest based video games only I Hate Fairyland has no grinding or pointless dialogue. This is a good comic. Go buy it. And you may want to add it to your pull at your local comic shop so you don’t have to wait for the trade to come out next time.

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