Review: Shirtless Bear Fighter #5

Comic Review: Shirtless Bear Fighter #5

Publisher: Image

Writers: Jody LeHeup, Sebastian Girner

Artist: Nil Vindrell

Colorist: Mike Spicer

Lettering: Dave Lanphear

Released: October 18th 2017


Review by @Capn_Mak

At last, the epic finale of the five part mini-series Shirtless Bear Fighter. Our hero Shirtless goes fist to face with his greatest enemies in this all or nothing Bear brawl. Will Shirtless get his flapjacks? Will Fuzzy Wipes and Brother Bear wipe the floor with the bare-knuckled, bare-chested Bear fighter?

Writers Jody LeHeup and Sebastian Girner struck comedy and memetic gold with the Shirtless Bear fighter and this issue is a fitting conclusion to the comic series. The action is non-stop and all of the aspects of Shirtless’s story wrap up nicely without leaving any lingering questions except possibly if there will be more comics to come. The jokes are well written and the laughs are consistent.


Nil Vindrell’s art is is a lot of fun. The anthropomorphic Bears look great and Shirtless has a lot of heroic action scenes and poses that are fun to look at and admire. The fight scenes are well drawn with a sense of action and movement that feels like a knock down drag out battle. The characters are highly detailed while maintaining the cartoonish charm of the book.

Colorist Mike Spicer does another outstanding job coloring this issue. With so much brown between the wood and hordes of Bears in the background the colors are well chosen to show contrast and differentiate the bears and everything else that is happening. The colors of the background definitely reflect the mood of each panel and as scenes and emotions change. Many of the colors are on the more flat side, but this is certainly how the book was intended and was colored with great success.


Dave Lanphear’s lettering is one of the best parts of this book. It’s rare that a letterer is able to fit in so many sounds into a single issue but this is jam packed. Every page has a bold sound lettered in a different font. The fonts chosen are perfect and I really like the bold screams and emphasized bubbles.

Skully’s Corner!


Why you should buy this comic: If you haven’t been reading Shirtless Bear Fighter you are definitely missing out. This issue in particular wraps up the story perfectly and you’ll want to get to the shop early to have your choice of variant covers. If you love Flapjacks, Punching Bears, Shirtless fighting, Beards, and a good laugh then this is a comic for you. Pick up this issue and any issues you are missing of this series while you’re at it. The collected edition comes out 12/6 but why wait until December to find out what happens? You should buy trade copy also to read with friends around the campfire. And remember, Don’t rub your ass on a tree like a dumb bear!

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