The Mighty Thor Rap By Michael Nunneley

The Mighty Thor Rap By Michael Nunneley


I am the God of Thunder, Odin’s son, born & bred
Hela’s halls burst with the wales of my enemies dead
On a challenge I almost drank the very ocean dry
I lifted the Midgard Serpent, & broke three valleys open wide
I beat Jormungand, Surtur, yeah the Giants know my hate
I survived Ragnarok despite the judgment of the Fates
Hear the thunder rolling! Can you hear the call?
I beat my drum as the warriors slain enter Valhalla’s hall
Feel the lightning striking! See its blinding light!
Know that this Aesir never runs from a fight!
The Warriors Three behind me & with Midgard at stake
Hel hath not enough room for the corpses I will make
I fought Hulk, The Celestials, Hercules & even Iron Man
Even Superman challenged me, but the Odinson still stands!!
Lo I have fought even my family most beloved before
Loki my bitter half-brother & my grandfather Bor
But alas I am mighty as an Aesir & Elder God hybrid
No one will ever be Thor or wield Mjolnir as I did
I fought beside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, & in a thousand wars
Know that when the Valkyries come to take me, Im breaking down the doors
A million battles notch my hammer & I WILL survive the rest
Move aside dear Hela & Folksvangr there’s a new God of Death
thor lightning
Dedicated to my friend: Dave Fraser

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